Friday, March 31, 2006

Peeping Girls

I was hot and wet from a shower I had taken down the hall and was drying off in my room. The night was hot as hell and the men's dorm I stay at had no air conditioing, so I had the windows open with a fan on. I patted the towel all over me and lay down on my bed, enjoying the cooling effects of the water drying on my naked skin. I rolled toward the window and saw a head suddenly disappear, fast. Curious, I strode to the wondow and looked down. There were two coeds crouched beneath my window, giggling. I smiled at them, unbelieving, and greeted them.
"Hey girls, you guys peeping toms tonite?" I said, laughing.
One of them responded....."Well, we saw you standing there, drying off. We couldn't help but trying to get a better look. Don't tell anyone, please!"
I laughed again and promised not to. Then I asked, "Well, did you see anything you liked?"
"Uh huh." My breath shortened a little.
"You can look closer if you like," I said, huskily. They started to stand up.
They looked at each other then at me and nodded their heads. "From here?"
"No, I can help you up," I said.
"OK," they responded, together. I reached down and brought one up, then the other. I locked my door and, without dressing, I sat down in front of them. They could not get thier eyes off a certain part of me. It was the beginning of a super relationship, with many events to come.

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